Saturday, April 24, 2010

There's Such a Thing As Laughing Too Much

I'm starting a new regular blog feature wherein I extract snippets of offensive Yahoo Relationships articles that greet me each morning. It's great because they're nearly all offensive but with the added bonus of essentially being found art. Plus, I probably don't even have to change the title. Yahoo Relationships is wholly sufficient:

It's no shocker that
Women are known
For judging others

But did you ever think men
Might be guilty
Of it too?
If your friends aren’t

On the same
Win-him-over page
As you are, head to your own
Of the bar.
There’s such a thing
As laughing too much.

Very Continental

The continental breakfast seems to be one of those concepts far, far removed from its original source. I've done some research on this topic tonight and made a great deal of headway, thanks to WikiAnswers:

"Question: How did the continental breakfast get its name?
Answer: Because it was continental"

Ah so!

So, assuming the root of this means "from the Continent" and assuming further that, Edith Wharton-style, that equals Europe, it would be a pretty European breakfast, right? So what part of that involves hunching bleary-eyed over a waffle maker, dispensing runny orange juice into a thimble-sized tumbler and reading USA Today with a room full of strangers? I've never been to the continent of Europe, but it sounds kind of stupid to me.