Saturday, April 24, 2010

There's Such a Thing As Laughing Too Much

I'm starting a new regular blog feature wherein I extract snippets of offensive Yahoo Relationships articles that greet me each morning. It's great because they're nearly all offensive but with the added bonus of essentially being found art. Plus, I probably don't even have to change the title. Yahoo Relationships is wholly sufficient:

It's no shocker that
Women are known
For judging others

But did you ever think men
Might be guilty
Of it too?
If your friends aren’t

On the same
Win-him-over page
As you are, head to your own
Of the bar.
There’s such a thing
As laughing too much.


  1. Definite rounds the bend of horrible and circles back to awesome.

  2. Ha ha! Thank you! That's always my goal. There was another article I saw recently and the title (paraphrasing but trust it was really this awful) was something like "Is This Economy Making Your Body Type Seem More Attractive?" Jesus, I hope so!

  3. I wish I could have read that body-type article. I am counting on my Rubenesque build becoming a status symbol-- a sign that my husband can afford to feed me fattening cheeses and meats.