Tuesday, September 1, 2009

All Day Long I Write Novelty Songs in My Head

Today, I only wrote one and I'll share it, but the entry is about something else. Here's my verse:

"Like thievery with words
Break in,
Crawl 'round inside n'
When you least expect,
I flip the script like Joe Biden"

But want I really want to talk about is how irritating mandatory minimum numbers of discussion board posts are when one is enrolled in online school (or "Computer College" as I sometimes think of it).

Forfuckinginstance, I just had to respond to four introduction posts by classmates. That means I have to find four unique things to say to people who are all essentially some version of the same working adult as me. The standard bromide (that's my second Ayn Rand reference this week if you're counting) is to blandly congratulate the classmate about how it sounds like they're really busy and to wish them luck this semeseter. The worst is the follow-up. "Do you and your husband plan to stay in Utah, then?" Not because these people aren't lovely, but because each new semester of school is like one of those wedding receptions where you're not seated with anybody you know. And you're being graded on it.And you've never worked this hard at small talk in your life.

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