Friday, September 4, 2009

What the Kids Are Doing

The Jerkin' obsession seems to be waning a little bit among the teens I work with compared to its summer high, so I should probably address this issue before it goes the way of the Crank Dat, the Roger Rabbit or the Tootsie Roll and slips away into the ether of pop culture. And probably before it gets resurrected by VH1 in 3-5 years and turned into something evoking far more nostalgia than it merits.

But anyway, The Kids. This is what they like. Every year brings another frivolous dance craze, but I got really excited when I first saw this one because I thought to myself....something about that dance looks familiar.

Here's the video that started the craze:

And, for the record, it is a weird hybrid of The Charleston.....

And Cossack dancing:

It is also murder on the quads and not for those who value their knees. Still, it's nice to see the kids getting their cardio in. And in skinny jeans, no less! Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. We can all go back to our adult lives now.

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