Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ickey Shuffle: A Critical Response

I'm revving up to go home and I thought I should do some research. It's been awhile. Maybe things have changed, you know? I watched this video in preparation over seven times in toto and I have some thoughts.

1. If your intention is to start a dance craze, at some point (and probably early on), you should demonstrate the dance. People like to participate.

2. Lightning Effect should be used sparingly.

3.The guy in the white is a better rapper than the main guy. Don't get excited. That's a relative compliment. It's like comparing two grocery carts. I mean, I'm not really excited about either one, but I'll take the one without the bad wheel.

4.The white lady making duck face and throwing deuces should be used sparingly. Even more so than Lightning Effect. This is important.

5. The best part of this video is the little girl that dances into the frame around the minute thirty mark.

6. The worst part of this video is every other moment.


  1. Sadly Sam they are demonstrating the Icky Shuffle in this video. It is not unlike the endzone dance that Cuba Gooding did in Jerry Macguire. If you look carefully toward the end you'll see it. Side to side and hop. Also if you look carefully you'll see a guy in a gorilla suit walk through. Go north to Canton and you'll see where the Icky Shuffle is enshrined. Love the grocery cart metaphor. Ron

  2. But I want more Ickey! Nay, NEED more. But you're right, Ron. Please tell me you're kidding about the gorilla suit. I really want to check, but it's too early in the morning to think about watching this again right now. Or ever.

  3. I wonder if this was filmed in Over the Rhine. One viewing was enough for me. Now I have a visual version of an earworm. Obviously your desire for more Ickey(I can't believe we're using the word Ickey in sentences)has blinded you to the gorilla. Love is blind as the gorilla suit study showed. I think the shuffle was circa 1989.