Saturday, June 13, 2009

Old-timey, part 1

A brief, freeform riff on some of my favorite old-timey things:

Maple Knoll Village Radio! This is a big band radio station broadcast out of a retirement home in Cincinnati, Ohio. I'm not even really that big a fan of big band music, but damn if this doesn't feel like some kind of crazy trip everytime I listen to it. A chicken in every pot, Humbert Humbert renting out a room, a little Cole Porter every now and again. What's not to love? Bonus points: The many bumper stickers displayed around town on Oldsmobile Cutlasses and Ford Crown Vics that read "I Heart Maple Knoll Smokeless Bingo."

2. This song from Porgy and Bess:

This has some pretty racy lyrics for back in the day. I will paraphrase because the pidgin English that I think Gershwin intended makes

The things that you're liable to read in the Bible
It ain't necessarily so


They tell all you children the Devil's a villain,
but ain't necessarily so

Really, I can get behind any song that rhymes "home in" with "abDOmen" Bonus digression: Sometimes certain bloggers (along with their friend Jack) are the only white people on the combo Porgy and Bess/Black History Tour in Charelston, SC and use the opportunity to pester the tour guide with questions about The South and the role of slavery and feelings related to being a black tour guide showing tourists a whole bunch of junk related to slavery and would you please sing the crab man song again and sometimes certain bloggers quickly learn they should just shut up and heed Jack's sage advice: Growing up near the south is not at all the same as growing up in the south. So be careful what you wish for. And learn to shut up sometimes.

Ugh....I feel sleep overtaking me. Tomorrow, time for compound words and Night of the Hunter!

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