Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tedium ad musica

All I've been doing for the last hour and a half is importing old CD's into my ipod. Join me, won't you? Oh it's going to be exciting. Here's a play-by-play:

>Patti Smith's Easter: I only took Because the Night. I've had this CD for probably ten years and if it's the only song I listen to, it's the only one. And what a great one. If I auditioned for American Idol, I would sing this song. And I would wipe the floor with everyone.

>Billy Bragg's Talking With the Taxman About Poetry. I just love Billy Bragg to death. This album contains one of my favorite lyrics of his:

"Somebody’s knocking at the door/Its later than I think/And it’s time to put on these stinking clothes/And get out there and stink"

>Afghan Whigs's Uptown Avondale EP. I really don't think people outside of Cincinnati listen to the Afghan Whigs and that's ok. They weren't really that good. This album does contain the song lots of frat boys know as "Don't forget the alcohol....oooooh baby, ooooh baby." Also contains a weird, minor-key version of Band Of Gold, another song I would audition with on Idol. This song is pretty fascinating to me. I can never figure out who is the villain--the man or the woman. Hmmm.

>Big Star's #1 Record. I was a big Replacements fan when I was in high school and loved their song Alex Chilton, about Big Star's lead singer. I don't need all these songs, but I will take September Gurls, In the Street (AKA the theme song from That 70's Show), When My Baby's Beside Me and Thirteen, one of my favorite songs of all time:

Yuck. That was the best version youtube had. You might have to trust me on that one.

>Rolling Stones's Exile On Main St. Probably I'm supposed to listen to this album all the way through and stuff, but I'll just take Rocks Off, Loving Cup, Sweet Black Angel and Tumbling Dice.
I think the last good RS song was Waiting On A Friend. They should have just quit right there.

>Beatles' Revolver. God, I never need or want to hear Elanor Rigby or Yellow Submarine ever again. From this, I take Doctor Robert and two of my favorite Beatles songs: I'm Only Sleeping and And Your Bird Can Sing. I don't know why I love these two so much. I just do. Once, on vacation to Charleston (pre-ipod), I thought I brought all my cd's with me to find I had only brought this one. I have good memories of pacing back and forth on the beach listening to this album. Remember how stressful it was to try to take all your important cd's with you whenever you went someplace?

>Le Tigre's self-titled album. I love this album. It corresponds to a sweet period pre-move to Washington. I still remember walking around Northside in Cincinnati listening to this album. This has a good song called What's Your Take on Cassavetes? The chorus of which goes:

What's your take on Cassavetes? What's your take on Cassavetes?
Alcoholic? Messiah!!
Alcoholic? Messiah!!

On a side note, everything about John Cassavetes scares me, but is mainly based on his role in Rosemary's Baby. Side-side note: My favorite piece of dialogue in Rosemary's Baby is every time Mia Farrow explains that her husband (Cassavetes) is an actor and says:

"He's been in lots of plays and television commercials! Like Luther and Nobody Loves An Albatross..."

Bonus Side-Sidenote: This blog was originally going to be called Nobody Loves An Albatross or (alternatively) Everybody Loves An Albratoss, but when all those words get compressed together, this is how the eye perceives it:

So......I decided to not call it that.

This entry long ago stopped being interesting and for that, I apologize.


  1. YES! Success! I told Jack you never laugh at my jokes. Sweet vindication.I got what I needed here.

  2. Oh you are funny.

    My American Idol audition song would be "Hello Hopeville" by Michelle Shocked. I always fantasize about getting pulled up on stage to sing it.