Thursday, June 4, 2009

Parlor Tricks

Everyone knows that lists are the blogger's easy way out and who am I to argue with everyone? Here are three lists. Two if which are related and one is unrelated, though it is about my sister, who is related to me.

Things I Have Overheard Coming From My Normal Neighbors' House:
1. Them having sex. She is loud.
2. The shower scene in Pyscho (easily discerned from the slashing violins).
3. Baseball on the radio.

Things I have Seen or Overheard Coming From My NOT Normal Neighbors' Apartment Building:
1. "It's not my goddamn fault you spend all your money on drugs and never clean up this hellhole!"
2. A naked man coming out of the shower.
3. Children skipping rope after midnight on a school night.
4. A woman standing in the alley eating a steak with a fork and knife off of a broken computer desk.

Things I Have Interrupted My Sister in the Process of Doing When I Called:
1. Canning
2. Quilting
3. Building a bed.
4. Fixing her own water heater.

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