Saturday, June 20, 2009

Reader Participation

As I am approaching the double digits in terms of readership, I would like to issue a challenge. I am officially opening up the forum for readers to attempt to stump me. If you are of a certain age, you may remember the show Remote Control on MTV. I say 'may' because it was pretty forgettable. The show involved dumb questions and an entity known as Collin Quinn and recliners. It was hosted by some curly-headed boring person. But the best part of the show was the finals round which featured rapid-fire questions to the last competitor in a pop culture subject of their choosing. So, for instance, if you knew everything about the lineup of the '85 Bears or something, you could request all your questions be about this one topic. Now, aside from a brief obsession with U2 in middle school which results in me STILL inadvertently remembering band members' birthdays 20 years later, I don't presuppose any special fields of pop culture knowledge. Instead, please just throw anything at me.

For instance, did you know that the 46 Zone Defense really contributed to the success of the aforementioned '85 Bears? Neither did I, but I found this information pretty easily on Wikipedia. So you will have to try harder than that.

Here are some topics I don't know anything about but am willing to address:

-Why the sausage making process is supposedly so gory.
-Tort law.
-Taxidermy, ethical/aesthetic considerations.
-Mark McGrath: The Rise and Fall.
-What does our cyclical embrace of jumpsuits say about us as a culture?
-Are the reader-submitted questions in Parade Magazine real, because I don't believe anyone has been wondering what Jackie Stallone has been up to these days.
-Pringles: Are they extruded or what exactly is the deal?

I'm sure there are a lot of other things I don't know anything about, but I do promise to give an earnest attempt at answering any questions. So shoot.


  1. Response has been other blogs. But I am not discouraged. Jack wants to learn about the blind pigs of the Southwest--the javelina. I am working on it, but all I can tempt you with so far is that they are also known as MUSK HOGS. So.....

  2. I didn't know blogs could get an overwhelming response... hmmm, how 'bout that! You covered all my topics of interest in your list above, yet I see no answers. Most important to me: What's the deal with Pringles?

  3. Why does everyone like Patton Oswalt so much?

  4. BG, I had to look up Patton Oswalt because I'd never heard of him. I was excited to learn he is a comedian because why people like specific comedians is not only interesting to me but is also a shortcut to understanding their essence, without doing any kind of time-consuming relational work at all.I will look into his comedy and get back to you. If I don't have anything valuable to say, I might just rant about Jeff Dunham some more because I can't stand that guy.