Thursday, August 20, 2009


Rifling through your parents' things can sometimes yield unexpected treasures, like biographies written at age 4 and dictated to a nursery school teacher. The text above reads:

"When I grow up, I'll be a fire lady and put out fires. I'll make a lot of money and buy a car- a Chevrolet. I will not get married.I will have 3 children. I'll call them Will, Susie and Strawberry. I'll live in a trailer and I'll play a violin. I will go to St. Louis on vacation."

Some true points:
1. I DO put out fires. ALL fucking day long. Ask my co-workers.
2. I do make a decent amount of money for the non-profit field, which is sad.
3. I am not married.
4. I did play the violin.
5. I have gone to St. Louis on vacation

Not bad at all.


  1. Way to go, 4 year old you and adult you.

    Are you still searching for a pun blog title? This morning I got pretty excited about "Reptile Dysfunction" but now I see that I'm not the first with this one (band name, etc.)... so that's not really so much help. Damn.

  2. It's like every pun that has ever been thought has been registered for a domain name. But no, we're good. My next blog will be co-blogged and only about Lady Things, so I don't anticipate much blog crossover from my male, Virginian readership. I'll continue to keep you guys satisfied with my sporadic updates and tepid observations form my small life.

    My Small Life would probably be a great title. I'm sure it's taken.