Monday, August 24, 2009

It's Getting Better All the Time

So I just started back to school and I'm really happy I've kept blogging here all summer and didn't let that part of my brain atrophy even in the midst of all the television watching I've managed to squeeze in. When I had to do my first academic writing tonight, I was happy how easily it came again when I had to flex those muscles. tells me that facile is an adverb and can be used in place of 'easily' but when I take easily away and add 'facile' into that last sentence, it sure doesn't sound right. I take back everything I said earlier about writing.

I also leave I Survived, Obsessed and Intervention long enough sometimes to go to the gym. On Monday nights, I have Pilates class which is pretty fun, but it may be the only time during my week I actually grimace in pain. Every time I fully extend my left leg, my hip pops out of its socket which I've been told over and over is 'no big deal.' Actually, I don't know that for sure, that's just what I say to myself every time it happens and I wince: itsnobigdealitsnobigdealitsnobigdeal.But tonight my teacher told me she could see me making tremendous progress. She said it to everyone in the class, but the rest of the ladies are old and they never really try very hard so, like the John Hinckley of my pilates class, I'm convinced she's talking directly to me, but IN CODE.

Finally, I'm calling it. Fall. Let's just start. This has been a really, really difficult summer for many of my friends and family. I say we give summer a long, last lingering kiss and then....goodbye.

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  1. I say summer gets the ol' back of the hand under the chin gesture. Fall is the bomb. Feel free to use that one.

    What didn't tell you is that "facile" is only acceptable at the end of a sentence, especially when used in dialog.