Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Throw Pillow of an Entry

So I've had the above postcard in a crappy Ikea frame following me around from apartment to apartment for over 10 years. The caption says "We keep buying things thinking 'that'll look better' and it just doesn't"

I keep it around because it makes me smile and also to remind me that buying stuff (unless it's books or food or plane tickets) almost never makes me feel better. I was reminded of it when I was sitting here trying to improve this blog that's been kicking around in my drafts for a week. I keep thinking of stuff to add to it to dress it up, make it more cohesive, funnier, you know -- better. But, I just can't.

Oh well, win some, lose some. I'm gonna post so my brain parts can move on.

Oy, has it been a terrible year in hip hop. I thought it was pretty dumb before I had to drive 12 pre-teens around for 8 weeks ("That's my CUT!") but afterwards, realized it was not only dumb, but bleak and miserly in its creativity, as well.

Some minor standouts:

Kanye's solo on Kid Cudi's Make Her Say:

Hold up! Born In 88....
How Old Is That?
Old Enough

David Banner on Anthony Hamilton's Cool:

But you the answer to my question
The 'eh to my dreams. You a radio killa
We can call our white friends up
and drink a Miller...

Jay-Z on Swagger Like Us:

No one on the corner got a bop like this
Can't wear skinny jeans
'cause my knots won't fit

And I'm pretty sure those last two came out in late 2008. Has there been anything good that I missed? Blech.

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