Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fall Party


1 VHS copy Legend of Sleepy Hollow (if not available, replace with It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown)
2 Pumpkins (carved)
6-10 Maple Bars
Apples, assorted
Sweaters, any variety
1 store bought pumpkin pie, gross crusts removed
Cider, alcoholic or otherwise

Mix with smell of burning leaves, let steep in nostalgia. Repeat yearly.


  1. "I got a rock."

    My kids love It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown so much that my mom gave them rocks for Halloween. They got a kick out of it. Normally, my mother isn't cool. Sleepy Hollow is the movie my dad and I bond with since it was kind of my first "scary" movie.

    I WANT fall to be here. I love fall and Halloween more than anything. Someday, I'll fulfill my dream of renting a cabin in the woods that looks EXACTLY like the cabin in Evil Dead and have friends stay with us. I'll make sure there is a mysterious audiotape there that unlocks evil spirits and I'll throw a Necronomicon or two in there. I love creepy stuff.

    (It's Lisa N., dude, from Facebook! Just signing in with my LiveJournal account, though)

  2. WHEEE! Hi Lisa! I'm glad you're here!

    Meg, a maple bar is only the most delicious kind of donut ever. You know it, it might just be called something different in Ohio. I wasn't aware of MB's until I came here, though. It's....uh...a rectangular-shaped donut with maple coating. Now I'm not bullimic but eating them until I throw up has crossed my mind before, not gonna lie.There's a donut store in Portland that sells them with bacon on top (good but greasy).