Wednesday, May 6, 2009

But do I really feel the way I feel?

I made a solemn promise to myself that I would write something everyday. Quantity over quality! Shamelessness over shame! Why did I decide to start a blog during my finals week again exactly? No matter, let's keep on truckin'. In a Hail Mary attempt at defeating writer's block tonight, I throw myself on the pyre and admit something I like that some may find troubling. Indeed, it is troubling even to me but, like a strange mole or my mounting student loan debt, I've come to accept as inevitable. I don't really have a strange mole. I really have mounting student loan debt. Like, really. My point is, once an ex-boyfriend told me when discussing a potentially embarassing song choice and I gave him the out of asking if he liked it ironically, or what exactly, he took the high road and said "I don't like things ironically or unironically. I just like them!" It is in this brave spirit, I share my love of the song "Walking in Memphis."

Oh Hell Yeah! "I said, 'Ma'am, I AM TONIGHT!' Walkin' in Memphis! Walkin' with my feet ten feet off of Beale! Walkin' In Memphis! Will I ever feel the way I feel ?"

Mock if you will (and you will), but when this song comes on the lite rock station that Must Have Come With My Pre-Sets on my radio in my car, it kind of makes my day.

Youtube appears to have crashed under the weight of videos of Japanese kittens playing with yarn, so sadly I can't post a clip. But you know the song. Yeah, you know it and you like it.


  1. Put on my blue suedes shoes, and I
    Boarded the plane
    Touched down in the land of the Delta Blues,
    in the middle of the pouring rain

    Oh yeah - that's a good one. Makes me want to go to Memphis.

  2. First single on the first album for Marc Cohn... no shame in it. He's a good songwriter, good player and if I remember right, survived a gun shot to the head. He's the kind of guy we should all be hanging around. See also, "Ghost Train," "Walk through this World with me," and oh yes... may fave (lyrics, feel and guitaring) "Paper Walls."

    You'll have to bust out something like Kylie Minogue to test the limits of bravery and/or irony.

    I will now put my weird face in your blog supporter box.