Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tampa/ St. Pete, Hello!

Down at the end of my block is the best store in my whole neighborhood. Better even than the seedy looking convenience store that has a falafel operation going on the side (delicious, by the way). It's a costume rental shop. I know what you're thinking -- do those even exist outside of plot devices on tv sitcoms? Apparently, yes. I haven't gone in yet because I am still savoring their picture window, which wraps around the entire store. On the side facing my street is a table with a fake Larry King interviewing a lady in Victorian garb (I know. Improbable, right?). This isn't just a guy wearing Lens Crafters glasses and a striped shirt with suspenders. For some reason, it's a realistic Larry King mannequin. Jack, when you come visit me in Tacoma, let's get our pictures taken with it.

Tonight, I shall blog the events of my last two days LK style, as adapted from his column in the purple section of USA Today. Let me clear my throat. Ahem....

Did you ever think about how you can mix vodka with anything and it's good? I may be wrong, but I think these paperback police procedurals are going to catch on. I'm reading a great one right now that manages to mix murder and awkward middle-age romance. Can't put it down. How come things cooked on a charcoal grill just taste better? I may be close to getting my RDA of fruits and vegetables these days. You may tout your furniture as affordable Pottery Barn catalogue, but I beg to differ. I'm sure glad that chain the pit bull was tethered to held. I hope Jon and Kate work things out. How come it's so hard to wake up for work but when I try to sleep in, I'm up at the crack of dawn? There is no better exercise than walking. Going to the Humane Society is sad. I wish I could watch that episode of The Cosby Show with Stevie Wonder. "Ro-ger, Roooooger...Jammin' on the one! Ja-ja-jammin' on the one!" Good stuff.


  1. I am glad that I am not the only one that picked up on Pottery Barn's statement of affordability. Your place is totally furnished in PB, right?

  2. My place is totally furnished in vintage Late Ikea with just a hint of modern Target. For flair, I like to accent with Wal-Mart.