Friday, May 22, 2009

How About That?

So I blog to you in a somewhat disheartened state. I just had to disenroll from school this semester on account of not understanding that the government can only subsidize my 6th year of working towards my bachelors degree so much. I can still go back in the fall and get money, this just pushes out my timetable a little bit. In truth, I was crushed when I found out about this earlier this week and spent some time crying in my office at work with the door closed (don't act like it's never happened to you), but I quickly reframed it and decided immediately that I would instead use this summer to prepare relentlessly for my GRE. Hell, maybe the LSAT if there's time. Always efficient! Always making the trains run on time! That's me. Not a slacker at all anymore, no sir.

And then I got a grip and realized FUCK THIS IT'S SUMMER. Fuck the GRE. Fuck the LSAT. Fuck the refund I'm not getting on the two weeks I've already been enrolled. It's summer. I intend to enjoy myself. And with that in my mind, can we talk about This Week in Baseball/Esta Semana en Beisbol? Mis Amigos?

Do you all have as many as fond of memories as do I of such as? Wow, quitting school has really messed with my diction. I loved spending my Saturday mid-afternoons with Mel Allen. And Mel Allen loved spending his Saturdays nights with some Wild Turkey, I'm pretty sure. Between the bloopers and T.W.I.B. Notes, it really made a seven year old girl feel like she understood America's Game. Kind of like how Ken Burns would make me feel 15 years later. Does it really matter that I fake my way through most baseball conversations with refences to Rollie Fingers's moustache and The Splendid Splinter? I don't think so.

Right now, on a summery day, I wish I could fall asleep on my couch to the sound of Mel Allen's voice. I think there's an ice cream truck in the distance. Someone is cutting grass. I can smell it. I feel bad for sleeping on such a nice day, but fuck it. It's summer.


  1. A) I'm so sorry about school! But you'll get back to it next semester. Life is long.
    B) Thank you for using "such as" like Miss Teen USA would. If only you could have squeezed "the Iraq" into this post.
    C)My old company is doing a book by Rollie Fingers. So you are connected to Rollie in only four steps, Kevin Bacon-style.

  2. A)I am over it and now obsessed with overdecorating every inch of my outdoor space, Cajun-style.
    B) I was hoping someone would get that and not just think I am an idiot. In my personal opinion, I am for opposite meaning, as in, such as, the Iraq.
    C)Rollie Fingers wrote a book? Eh. Rollie Fingers's moustache writes a book? I'm so there.