Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Ominous Water in My Glass is Ominously Shaking

When the weather turns balmy here in the Pacific Northwest and temperatures soar to the temperate low 70's by day and folks swelter in their beds at night as it approaches the high fifties, it can only mean one thing: It's Summer (or whatever that means here, I guess?)!!!

I apologize for the snarkiness but I need everyone to understand that when it is literally even slightly warm here, all the kids I work with appear to wilt. I say it's not really hot until you have to spit on your hands to put them on your steering wheel. And don't get me started on the misery of pleather bucket seats on a July afternoon.

Wait, where was I? Books! One of my favorite parts of summer is the Catastrophic Thriller. I can guarantee you that at some point this summer, I will re-read The Perfect Storm and Hot Zone and maybe Jurrasic Park (which shouldn't even count, I know). Since I spend the rest of my time productively engaged, tending to my jurisdictions and wearing modest clothes to draw attention to my countenance, I feel like I -wait, that's the Duggars. Not me. Listen, mindless books are a gift from God and made animate in the form of Sebastian Junger and from time to time, we need to celebrate this.

So readers (which I believe now number four), any recommendations for good summer catastophe reading? Cause I remember how Perfect Storm turns out and it's not good.


  1. Does it have to be nonfiction? I assume you've read Into the Wild. That one will tear you up real good. Me, when I get a little downtime and need an escape, I enjoy thrillers. The more depraved the serial killer, the better. Val McDermid is good for those.

  2. Oh MAN! I am an Into the Wild H8TER, for rills. As my friend Betsy once said of that book "Yeah....we had a word for people like that kid--freeloader."

    Harsh, but I won't disagree! Take some provisions with you into the backcountry, I say!